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  Flares and Kedging
Posted by John Galloway on Mon Jun 06, 15:53 [914-3567]
I have entered the race in MOCRA under 9.15 meters, (F27)

What flares do I need and do they all have to be in date.

Am I allowed to kedge after the 5 minute gun. I should hope that I would not need to!!

Thanks Ben.
  Flares and Kedging
Posted by Ben Ferris on Mon Jun 06, 17:01 [914-3568]
John, all multihulls taking part (except the Diam 24s) have to comply with the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations for Cat 4 races. You can read all the details here (which include the specification on flare number, type and date requirements for the various types of boat):

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations

Rule 45 of the Racing Rules of Sailing does allow you to anchor after the preparatory signal. However, with (in your case) around 1100 boats bearing down on you from behind, kedging in the start area is definitely not recommended! It's one of the reasons we design the race each year to start with a fair tide, so that even in very light airs, the fleet is generally moving in the right direction down the western Solent.
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