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  finish time declaration
Posted by Jacques Minet on Wed Jun 15, 22:00 [918-3582]
just got the sailing instructions, need more information about :" finish time,
the boat ahead and the boat astern in this format :
1624 GBR1234T K987" :
is 1624 the finishing time of my boat ie 16h 24mn BST ?
Is GBR1234T the sail number of the boat finishing ahead of me ? What if I'm not able to read this sail number (too far or else)
Is K987 a piece of identification (sail number?) of the boat astern of me ? What if I'm not able to read that piece of identification (very busy finish line for example)
AND : Where and how in that message do I let know to race comittee the identification of my boat ??
Thank you for baring with me and helping
With very kind regards
Jacques Minet personn in charge
Gwez-Gwern FRA35450
  finish time declaration
Posted by Ben Ferris on Wed Jun 15, 23:05 [918-3584]
We have a detailed guide to making your declaration in the documents section under Declarations and Tracking Instructions:

You'll find answers to all your question there, but briefly, in the example given where you send:
1624 GBR1234T K987

1624 is your finish time in 24hr clock
GBR1234T is the boat ahead
K987 is the boat behind

If you can't identify either boat, just put UNKNOWN instead.

Before the race you need to let us know the phone number from which you'll be making your declaration, also known as your "Race Mobile". You'll have already done this on your entry form, but you can change it by updating your entry through the menus above. Because your declaration comes from that pre-registered number, you don't need to identify yourself in the text message. Bear in mind, though, that we recommend making your Race Mobile a UK number, just to avoid any delays or problems with text messages from international mobile phones.

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