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  Fleet Flags
Posted by Martin Ockenden on Wed Jun 22, 17:24 [927-3605]
Hi Ben,

Checking regarding the fleet flags; still nothing received by ourselves which I assume they should be with us by now?

If they have gone awol; what should we be receiving and we will try and pickup from a chandler - is it just a blue flag for IRC Group 2? Should we be receiving anything else along with the flag as part of the pack?


  Fleet Flags
Posted by Ben Ferris on Wed Jun 22, 17:49 [927-3606]
Yes, your flag will have been posted around a week ago now, so it should be with you. If you're going to be in Cowes on Friday, then please do pop into the Island Sailing Club and we'll sort you out with a replacement. If not, then per the SIs, a plain blue flag is what you need for IRC Group 2.

The flag would have come with a little slip confirming your start time (0840) and finish line (NORTH), plus a key ring (which you can probably survive without!)
  Fleet Flags
Posted by Martin Ockenden on Wed Jun 22, 18:27 [927-3607]
Thanks Ben for confirming, and that all makes sense. We will save the keyring for next year!


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