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Meteorologist: Simon Rowell   Issued: 0900 Friday 24th June 2022

Avg wind:

15.1 knots

Highest gust:

17.6 knots

Air temperature: 16.2°C

Tidal height: 2.50m

General Situation

Today, Friday the low over NW Ireland should stay there today, with its front steadily coming up the coast. This front should hit Cornwall around midday and reach Cowes around 1900 this evening. Ahead of it there should be a moderate but blustery SSW, veering SW overnight.

Saturday on Race Day the low should remain NW of Ireland bring a moderate, occasionally strong & blustery SSW /SW. The front should be long gone, but there will be occasional bands of squally showers coming through. These may miss completely, but if the do come over expect localised shifts & gusts, some strong, from these.

Friday 24th

SSW 13-17kts gusting 22kts through much of the day, veering SW 16-21 gusting 24kts after the front goes through. Broken cloud with sunny patches all day, with heavy squally showers coming in with the front. 17-19°C on land.

RACE DAY - Saturday 25th

SSW/SW 12-16 gusting 18kts to start, backing SSW 12-16kts by noon. This should back a little more during the afternoon, S 12-16kts by 1500, before veering & easing SW/SSW 8-12kts by cut-off time. There should be a fair amount of sunshine with scattered cloud and some showers coming through - although they may miss - giving a mostly dry day. It should be quite pleasant, 16-18°C on land and similar on the water with a sea surface temperature around 18°C.